05. March 2011

Tanini – Corporate Design

Link to Website: http://www.tanini.de/en

My mother is a pharmacist but her heart was always beating for design. So she was creative in her own time only, which is a shame from my point of view and her work was not as honored as it should have been. I wanted to change that an show her what an extrodinary style she has since I haven’t seen a style like hers anywhere so far. Finally, I programmed this web shop for her brand Tanini where her hand made silk scarfs, digital and oil paintings can be bought.

One of my former professors at the Technical University of Dresden once asked ‘what is creativity?’ and his answer to that was ‘creativity is the craft of combining existing things differently to create something new’. Everytime an idea is born, it was triggered by something and this was mainly the memory of something that the human had already seen, heard, smelled or felt. In regards to that, before I could implement the code I needed a web design to see what information I needed (see Fig. 01 – 04). Hence, I tried to pick up my mother’s style to build a nice frame in which her work fits in nicely. I hope I succeded since I’m not a trained designer but more a developer. Attached you’ll find my first steps in the world of logo design (Fig. 05 – 15).