I’m a web engineer and graduated in media computer science at the Technical University of Dresden in 2009.

Media computer scientists plan, realize and supervise IT-solutions for the production of electronic, digital and interactive communication devices.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Germany)

In my current role I fullfil the following responsibilities:

  • Writing technical approaches
  • Costings and effort estimations
  • Prepare prototypes
  • Work on projects (JS- or PHP focussed)
  • Involved in the hiring process of new developers (frontend or PHP)
  • Weekly resource management
  • Team management: Upskill less experienced developers, 1 on 1’s, annual reviews
  • Share any learning with the technical team
  • Investigate new technologies and suggest improvements

I love working on projects that will be useful for the end user: It doesn’t matter whether or not it is a website, an app used by consultants to visualize statistics in an easy digestible format or a tool to support scientists in any repetitive task or in general speeding up processes.

Personal believes: Choose the right tool for the right cause and don’t follow blindly any opinionated paths. Write code as modular and performant but maintainability rules over saving some bits. Work with your team not against it, even if it means making compromises that are hard as long as it is consistent.

Jessica Nierth - Diplom Media Computer Scientist
Jessica Nierth
Software Engineer
Brandenburgische Straße 55
Berlin 10707 Berlin