04. November 2017

All you need for your hair

Project specifics

Client information

  • : (Sydney)
  • Country: Australia
  • Client: Confidential
    • We’ve taken over an existing web application in order to fix bugs and extend it. For instance, this web application provides a quiz that – based on answers given by the end user – provides a list of suggested Schwarzkopf products.

      The client asked us to add a different set of products to the quiz. In order to do that properly we required to know the logic based upon which the products were selected. To save time and not have to go through the quiz over and over I’ve created a new route for a test page that was using the same business logic as the quiz itself. That test page was not reducing the recommended products to just 3 but all products that were saved in the system.

      Furthermore, the frontend part of the project was using sass but sass files were copied over and over that shouldn’t have. Since the client asked us to update the theme with new fonts and a new color scheme, I’ve refactored the code to use only one base set of sass files to keep it consistent. Also the dependency to bower was removed as the installation was failing on certain parts.

      Finally the project was hooked up with bamboo for automatic deployments.


      Technical Features

      • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
      • Project Group: Brownfield
      • HTML5: Yes
      • Responsiveness: Responsiv

      Tool Support

      • IDE: IntelliJ
      • Server: Apache
      • Platform: Windows
      • Version Control: Git (Tortoise)

      Project specifics

      Client information

    • : (Sydney)
    • Country: Australia
    • Client: Confidential
      • My Services

          • Frontend Services
          • Responsive cross browser compatible HTML template creation
          • Backend Services
          • CMS integration
          • Refactoring
          • General services
          • Website Maintenance
          • Scoping
          • Deployment
          • Technical writing